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Sunday, May 4, 2014


I admit that I am a techie. I make a living with technology. As a cardiac Electrophysiologist I work with some of the most advanced technology in the hospital from pacemakers and defibrillators to three dimensional mapping systems. All of this technology is designed to help sick patients. Unfortunately, none of this cool technology can be used to prevent illness.

This generation has seen the most amazing advances in medical technology. We are able to quickly treat heart attacks with stents. We can treat arrhythmias with ablations and we can prevent sudden cardiac death with implantable defibrillators. So why is this the first generation to experience a reduction in the average life span? 

The food industry changed dramatically with the advent of fast food restaurants requiring huge quantities of mass produced food products. Technology advanced to meet the demand, creating food products such as diet sodas, high fructose corn syrup and the infamous "pink slime" used in fast food meat. Our grocery stores stock high tech processed foods on every aisle. These changes in the food industry have been linked to the rise in obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 

Food technology has created major health problems for us. Medical technology has kept up and helps us to treat these problems. How do we prevent these problems in the first place? Let's move away from food technology. This summer, join a CSA. Purchase your food from a local farmer. Stay away from processed foods. A good rule to follow is that if it came from the earth, it's OK to eat. If it came from a factory, stay away. 
It's OK to be a techie. Enjoy your high tech gadgets. Use and embrace technology. Just don't eat it!

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