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Saturday, August 10, 2013

All the reasons why bottled water sucks. Glass resuable bottles are green and clean.

I am sharing with you a link to an article describing 15 reasons why you should not drink bottled water.

 15 Reasons Why You Should Not Drink Bottled Water

It is always astonishing to learn about more ways that the bottled water you may be holding in your hand right now is toxic to both us and the environment. Through advertising, we are led to believe that as long as we drink 8 oz. of water per day, we will be doing a great service to our bodies.  The labels depicting photos of pristine lakes and glacier water running through mountains causes us to accept the idea that our water comes from a natural source, one that is free of chemicals and pollution. 
I have issues with water.  I don't like drinking tap water because I don't trust municipal water.  Even from a well, I don't trust run-off.  I don't know what is being dumped in my area, what homeowners practice for disposal of toxic materials, what is seeping into our well. I know it sounds crazy, but the taste of tap water tastes like pool water to me. Chlorine, ozone, fluoride, I don't want to ingest it.  Since I don't like drinking municipal water, I shouldn't like drinking bottled water either.  Sources described as "purified" or "drinking water" are from municipal sources and go through a hefty filtration process.
Joe has a whole house water filtration system that we diligently keep clean and maintained.  Our regular tap ( which is filtered) and our refrigerator tap ( which is double filtered) taste different. I will only drink from the refrigerator dispenser and will only eat ice from there also. I do believe that our own water from our drilled well, with our without filtration is still cleaner and less toxic than any bottled water we could buy at the store. We also know what is being added or detracted from our water since we understand our own system. We would have no way of knowing what is being added and detracted from a municipal source before it hits the bottles.
 It is common knowledge that most plastic water bottles, release chemicals such as BPA into the water.
There are many BPA free bottles on the market today. Joe and I have been on the hunt for the perfect water bottles.  By reusing our bottles not only are we creating less plastic waste, but we can feel relieved that neither of us are ingesting BPA.
We had aluminum bottles at one point and although they insulate well and are light to carry, I didn't like the idea of ingesting aluminum and no matter what, I always notice the metallic aftertaste. If the water should get a little warm sitting in the car, it starts to taste pretty gross.
We looked at a multitude of plastic and silicone bottles which were BPA free but just like our bike bottles, they always taste like plastic. We have pretty yummy water at our home and I didn't want anything that would alter the taste.  So we decided to look for the perfect glass bottle.
This was our winner and we love this bottle! Recycled glass, dishwasher safe, grippy silicone sheath, water has no strange taste. The only con to glass was the breakage factor.  Luckily this one has a really nice silicone sheath that keeps it pretty safe, although we still need to be careful and can't use this for working out. This has become our everyday bottle which we take on car trips, to work, pretty much anywhere water will be needed.

#1 Takeya Recycled Glass Water Bottle

Other great options to consider:

 Bamboo Bottle Company

This bottle is also glass but has a bamboo sheath instead of silicone. 
 If you are interested in other BPA  and PVC free options:

List of best BPA free bottles

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