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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Famously Fit? : GW Hospitalized with Coronary Disease

Thank you to my co-author of this blog Joe Dell'Orfano M.D. for this contributing post:

Can you be "famously fit" with exercise alone? I have many patients who exercise and still have heart disease. A typical Texan diet would include lots of animal fats. Animal fats are used in the laboratory to create coronary blockages for experimentation by the way. Humans are designed to eat vegetables primarily. Lipitor was created to allow humans to consume large amounts of animal fat!

I'm happy to write more on this topic if you like. I think that we need to emphasize the importance of diet and healthy eating for the prevention of heart disease. We can talk about Mediterranean diet if you want, although I think that the DVD guy ("it's junk") got it right.

In my opinion, exercise is part of being fit and certainly plays a role in weight loss, but as GW found out, it won't prevent coronary disease!

Joe Dell'Orfano

The man Joe affectionately refers to as the DVD guy

Jeff Novik MS, RD, LS, LN      Jeff Novik

To read the full G.W.B article:   George W. Bush Hospitalized

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