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Monday, August 19, 2013

Eco-friendly Organic Dog Beds

While scouring the Internet for dog beds that are easy to wash ( all in one piece), easy to throw down anywhere ( car or trip) and odor resistant, I came up with these.  The problem I have now with dog beds, is that they look worse after multiple washes, stain easily or are just to cumbersome to throw in back of my Toyota Vensa.  These beds seem to have it all and I love the fact that some of them are naturally antimicrobial and odor resistant.  Comes in handy in a house of 4! I finally managed to get them all in one place the other day.
1. Tuckered out with hemp by West Paw. West Paw
I really like the fact this it is a one piece bed with bolster pillow. Looks very easy to throw in the wash and it's pretty attractive looking too. I will be ordering this one. 
2. West Paw also makes the Eco Nap bed which is even better for a car for travel.  It is priced really well and I love the colors and patterns this comes in. Starting at $29.00.
3. Crypton known for it's impermeable and odor resistant fabrics have a whole pet bed line that is pretty impressive. I liked this flat roll up travel bed.  It's Eco-friendly, moisture, odor and bacteria resistant. Dog Eared Bed starts at $82.00.
4. The Harry Barker Hemp Bedroll is another great travel bed that can roll up easily. This one is constructed of hemp and comes in great colored stripe patterns. Starts at $68.00.

Oh Lothario.  He will still probably end up sleeping on the concrete.

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